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91 – The managers, worshippers and donors from the Artisans’ Synagogue, in front of the Holy Ark
94 – Restoration of the synagogue in 1934
95 – Prayer group in synagogue "Ein Yaakov"
101 – Aron Szlomo Alberg
102 – Letter from the community of Kutno to the landsmanschaft in London - 1925
104 – Certificate of approval from the Ministry of Education for the opening of the school "Am HaSefer" (1918)
105 – Certificate of the community council of 1927 - For the travel of the Rabbi Jonah Baruch Kac
106 – Community council of 1928. Sitting: A. Ajzman, Rabbi Icchak Jonah Trunk, Jonatan Majranc.
Standing: A. Szajnrok, A. Sz. Elberg

107 – Parents' council of the Hebrew high school "Am HaSefer" in Kutno
109 – Certificate of the community council for the mission of Aron Szlama Elberg in Eretz Israel
110 – Zerchin - First Hebrew teacher in Kutno
111 – The rabbi Icchak Jehuda Trunk and the chairman of the community, Mr. Falc
112 – From right: Rabbi Icchak Jehuda Trunk with community leaders Sztajnfeld and Kam
113 – Preliminary budget of the community for the year 1927
114 – Party of the Kutno community committee in August 1939
115 – Budget of the Kutno community in 1934
116 – "Jewish peril" - That was the theme of an antisemitic lecture given on 30 August 1925.
Left - anti-Jewish announcement

132 – Financial report for the Zionist Association in Kutno for the year 1916-1917
136 – Beit HaMidrash in Kutno: there studied Nachum Sokolow, Szalom Asz, rabbis and head of yeshivot
under rabbis Jehoszele Kutner and Eliahu Welcman

137 – Cover of book Zeit Ra'anan, second part, by Mosze Jehuda Lajb Zylberberg
138 – Cover of book Milchamot Jehuda, by Mordechai Jehuda Lubart