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448 – Committee of the "Popular Bank" in Krosniewice
449 – Hofman from Krosniewice - died in the Warsaw ghetto
449 – Matzeva in memory of the victims from Krosniewice, in Kyriat Shaul cemetery (Tel Aviv)
452 – The Jewish families were suddenly expelled from their homes, gathered together on a square and
taken to Konstancja, the Kutno ghetto. Later - to Zychlin and from there to the gas vans in Chelmno.

456 – Rachel Szumraj
456 – Jehoszua Szumraj, from the Lomza yeshiva, became a bundist - Murdered in Chelmno
457 – Hirsz Brzustowski from Dabrowice, noted as writer in the "Literary Newspaper" in Warsaw
and other literary publications in America

458 – Katryel Zontag, founder and leading member of the Bundist Youth in Dabrowice.
Murdered in Chelmno

459 – The Beitar member Wiszegrodzka z"l
459 – Letter from Jews of Dabrowice from Zychlin ghetto
465 – Ashes of the victims in Chelmno brought to the Nahalat Ytzhak cemetery (Tel Aviv) - 1949
465 – The matzeva in Mount Zion (in Jerusalem)
466 – Mr. Zumer (USA) in the meeting with the committee in Israel (1964)
466 – Writing staff in Israel
467 – At the entrance of Mount Zion in Jerusalem
468 – Former residents of Kutno in Israel at the memorial ceremony in Mount Zion in Jerusalem (1958)
469 – At the yearly memorial ceremony of the Kutner landsmanschaft in Israel (Jerusalem, 1958)
469 – At the annual memorial ceremony of the organization of former Kutno residents in Israel
(Jerusalem, Mount Zion, 1958)

470 – Presidium of the memorial ceremony in Tel Aviv, 1965. From right: Turbowicz, Orner (Korn),
Mendelewicz, Elberg, Wajkselfisz, Hirszberg, Lustigman, Elbaum, Laron (Falc)