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471 – Top: part of the annual memorial ceremony of Kutners in the "House of Pioneers" in Tel Aviv 1963.
Bottom: committee of the Kutno former residents' organization in Israel

472 – Reception for writer Szalom Asz with his Kutno fellows - in Israel (1952)
473 – Szalom Asz with the Kutno Jews in Tel Aviv (1952)
474 – At the memorial cermemony of Kutners in New York - a part of the attendance.
Presidency - (left to right): Bibergal, Gajer, Trunk, Z. Zomer, Rabbi Lubart and G. Fogel (speaker)

475 – The New York committee for the "Yizkor book" of Kutno
476 – Near the monument to the victims of Kutno and surroundings in the Parisian cemetery of Bagneux
478 – Memorial ceremony in Paris
479 – Committee of the association of former residents of Kutno and surroundings in Paris
480 – Near the memorial matzeva in Paris (cemetery in Bagneux)
481 – Committee of former residents of Kutno and surroundings in Paris
482 – Kutner fellows in Montreal - Canada. (Sitting from right): B. Balzamowicz, I. Mamlak, M. Erdberg-Szatan,
M. Ch. Szatan, H. Celemenski. (Standing from right): M. Szer, A. Manczyk, I Golberg, P. Manczyk-Goldberg,
M. Krasny, L. Kofer-Krasny, L. Sznurbach and Lewitan.

484 – Kutno former residents in Mexico
485 – Kutners in Mexico
486 – The memorial ceremony in Mexico
486 – Cover page project for the Kutno Yizkor Book, drawn by a son of a Kutner compatriot, Ayzyk Majer Bild in Mexico
488 – Part of a letter by Jakob Osowski
492 – Misza Osowski
493 – Wolf Nosol
493 – Dawid Aspirsztajn
493 – Icchak Kac z"l
493 – Memorial ceremony in Germany (1946)
493 – Memorial ceremony in Germany (1946)