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December Yizkor Book's second Yiddish article translated (Mindle)
Yizkor Book's third Yiddish article translated (Shulamit)

October September Cemetery Matzevot booklet (Thia)
Yizkor Book's first Yiddish article translated (Mindle)

August Yizkor book List of Illustrations in four languages
LDS records 1813 extracted (Malcolm)
July Yizkor book Table of Contents in four languages
Yizkor book List of Illustrations in English

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April Pinkas HaKehillot in French
LDS records 1812 extracted (Malcolm)
LDS records 1813-1828 indexed (Ann)
March Matzevot pictures in photo album
Telephone directories 1932 and 1938 (Malcolm)

February Map of Kutno 1826 on the website (Malcolm)
January Extracting names from Yizkor Book's Necrology pages
Translation of the website into Hebrew (Carole)
Yizkor Book online (Noga)

Donations Pinkas HaKehillot in English (JewishGen)
Yizkor Book List of Martyrs (JewishGen)
Yizkor Book Necrological notices (JewishGen)
List of cemetery matzevot (JewishGen)
Yizkor Book Table of Contents (JewishGen)
Talmud Torah Lottery 1915 (JewishGen)
Yizkor Book List of Illustrations (JewishGen)
Yizkor Book first article in English (JewishGen)
LDS records 1808-1828 indices (JRI)
Yizkor Book second article in English (JewishGen)
Yizkor Book third article in English (JewishGen)