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Kutno Jewish Population in History
General History: General history of town (municipality website)
Jewish History: The Jewish Community of Kutno from mid-18th century to 1825 (Polski),
History of Kutno before 1939 (Polski),
The Jewish Community of Kutno after the elections of 1924 (Polski),
Philantropy: Kutno Jewish charitable organisations (Polski),
Members of the Society for the Poor 1930-1939
Politics: The Bund party in Kutno district from 1918-1939 (Polski),
The Association Szlomej Emunej Isroel in the Kutno district (Polski),
Economy: Jewish credit cooperatives in Kutno 1918-1939 (Polski),
Education: Jewish Education (Polski),
Jewish Students in Foreign Universities 1918-1939) (Polski),
Religion: Synagogues and Cemeteries, Kutno Jewish Cemetery
Pictures: Before 1939
Kutno (in Yad Vashem's Pinkas Hakehillot Poland, vol. I, Lodz and area pp. 222-230)
Ghetto and Occupation
Sztetl Kutno Shoah page
Chelmno: JewishGen, Ada Holtzman's page, Prof. Leon Zamosc's page, Death Camps page, Wikipedia,
Nazi correspondence detailing the operation of gassing vans (A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust)
Testimonies of SS-Men Regarding Gassing Vans (A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust)
Pictures: 1939-1940, Deportation to ghetto 1940, Ghetto 1940-1942, Kutno Ghetto (LIFE),
Kutno pictures (Yad Vashem), War criminal pictures (Yad Vashem)