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II - Daily life, memories, and events (1/1)
Kutno's poor people Shulamit1.5p.Yid.
III - Institutes, political parties, organizations, and companies (2/33)
Memories and articles of a community leader Carole8.5p.Heb.
Interview with the president of the Community of Kutno,
Yiddish-Polish relationships in Kutno 40 years ago ?15.5p.Yid.
Associative life, Jewish community, municipality ?4p.Yid.
The heavenly Kutno ?3p.Yid.
Religious life in our town ?3p.Heb.
The Cheder Yesudei-Torah ?3.5p.Yid.
The small Gerrer Shtibl ?1.5p.Yid.
The Zionism in Kutno; activities and personalities ?3.5p.Heb.
From "Ha'Shakhar" branch in Kutno, to "Beitar" ?4.5p.Heb.
On Beitar activity in Kutno ?3p.Yid.
Organisation "Brith Trumpeldor" in Kutno ?2p.Yid.
The "Ha'Shomer Ha'tzair" party cell in our town ?1p.Heb.
Our eyes are lifted towards Israel ?1p.Heb.
A glorious page in the history of Kutno's Jewish youth ?1.5p.Heb.
Memories of the Ha'Shomer Ha'tzair's cell ?1.5p.Heb.
The foundation of the "Young Zionists" and other memories ?5.5p.Yid.
Yiddish Workers' Party "Poalei Zion" and Youth Party Shulamit5p.Yid.
Youth memories from Youth Party ?4.5p.Yid.
The Bund and its Institutions ?2p.Yid.
My childhood in "Skif" (youth movement) ?1p.Yid.
The Dramatic Circle "Yab" ?2p.Yid.
The Communist Party and Its Members ?5p.Yid.
Events and characters of the Communist Party ?2p.Yid.
Ten years in the Society of Friends of YIVO ?1.5p.Yid.
Our school "Am Ha'Sefer" ?1.5p.Heb.
The school, charity hostel and merchants' union ?3p.H/Y
The sport and gymnastics organization in Kutno ?1p.Heb.
The first Jewish Sports Club in Kutno ?1p.Yid.
Jewish Sports Club in Kutno ?4.5p.Yid.
The "Morning Star", its chairman and coach ?2.5p.Yid.
The Jewish Socialist Sports Organisation "Morning Star" ?1p.Yid.
Documents, photos and newspapers - Jewish organisations' life ?4p.Yid.
IV - Personalities and characters, fighters, communal and party workers (2/69)
In Kutno and outside
The Gaon R' Y. Trunk of Kutno ?3.5p.Heb.
The visit of the Genius rabbi from Kutno in Jerusalem ?0.5p.Heb.
65 years of the passing of R' Joshele, "Gaon of Kutno" ?1p.Heb.
A collection of memories about R' Joshele KUTNER ?2p.Yid.
R' Icchak Jehuda TRUNK ?3.5p.Yid.
ASCH Shalom ?2p.Heb.
Shalom ASCH ?3.5p.Yid.
Literary eternity and Shalom ASCH ?1p.Yid.
Shalom ASCH in his twilight years ?2p.Heb.
At the funeral of Shalom ASCH' mother in Kutno ?2p.Yid.
Shalom ASCH and Motke ?0.5p.Heb.
The shtetl of Shalom ASCH and its heroes ?1p.Heb.
Kutno Rabbis, sages and writers ?6p.Heb.
R' Yonathan MAYRANTZ ?0.5p.Heb.
The FALTZ Family ?1p.Heb.
R' Abraham BORNSHTEIN ?0.5p.Heb.
Yechiel Yeshayahu TRUNK ?2.5p.Yid.
Israel Yehoshua TRUNK ?0.5p.Yid.
Yeshayahu TRUNK ?1p.Yid.
Israel TRANK ?1.5p.Yid.
Lipman TZOMBER ?0.5p.Yid.
Baynish ZYLBERSHTEIN ?0.5p.Yid.
Jakob OSOWSKI and his family ?1p.Heb.
Thea ARTZISHEWSKA, the actress and writer Shulamit1p.Yid.
About our spiritual figures ?2.5p.Yid.
Some (talmudic) learners and activists ?1p.Yid.
Our Chazanim ?1.5p.Yid.
Chaim TIBER ?1.5p.Yid.
From Kutno to Moscow ?0.5p.Yid.
The painter Shimon AVNI Shulamit0.5p.Yid.
Kutner figures ?1.5p.Yid.
R' Ytzchak (Aytshe) Meir SHPIRA (the ritual slaughterer) ?2p.Heb.
R' Chaim VALTER hy"d and Mindel z"l ?1p.Heb.
The "Litvak of Kutno" ?0.5p.Yid.
Our House ?3.5p.H/Y
David KALMAN, z"l ?0.5p.Yid.
My father Avigdor GROMAN ?0.5p.Yid.
Laybel PANKER ?0.5p.Yid.
Jewish types in Kutno ?1.5p.Yid.
In the KUTSHINSKIs' home ?1p.Yid.
Abraham Menashe KATZ ?0.5p.Yid.
R' David LUSTMAN and his family ?0.5p.Heb.
My Grandfather David KOLSKI ?0.75p.Heb.
Hirsh-Meir and Chana RAK ?0.5p.Heb.
Chaim Noach BAGNO z"l ?1p.Heb.
Yosele the Goldsmith and his family ?0.5p.Yid.
The GORSHKOWITZ family ?0.5p.Yid.
My family ?0.5p.Heb.
The children of Kutno in the building and the wars of Eretz Israel
The original ones and those that followed them ?1.75p.Heb.
True charity (dealing with the dead) ?1p.Heb.
Issachar Dov BAR-DRORA (FRAYER) ?0.5p.Heb.
Dr Abraham GLIKSMAN ?0.5p.Yid.
Dr Jehuda M. BROMBERG-BABLI ?0.75p.Heb.
Eliahu Eliezer Mordechai ELBERG ?0.5p.Heb.
Azriel Josef ELBERG ?0.5p.Heb.
N. TIGER, his ways and life ?1.5p.Heb.
The RAUER family ?0.5p.Yid.
Shmuel Ha'Levi LAZNOVSKI ?1.5p.Heb.
Yaakov SHWARTZ ?0.75p.Heb.
Independence War
Chaim FUKS ?0.5p.Heb.
Chaim FISH ?0.5p.Heb.
Zvi SHPIRA ?0.5p.Heb.
David METAL (PELED) ?1p.Heb.
Moshe PLOTZER ?0.5p.Heb.
Abraham SHIMONOWITZ z"l ?0.5p.Heb.
Arieh GRINBAUM ?1p.Heb.
First Lieutenant PNUEL (Nachman FALTZ) ?0.75p.Heb.
Eli ELIAV z"l ?0.75p.Heb.
Six-Day War
Captain Yoram (ZANDBERG) HARPEZ z"l ?1.75p.Heb.
V - The Shoah and the Struggle (3/27)
Kutno, my hometown ?1p.Yid.
Yitgadal v'Yitkadash ?4p.Heb.
Kutno in E. RINGELBLUM's "News from Warsaw Ghetto" ?1p.Yid.
Kutno and surroundings during the Years of Occupation ?1.5p.Yid.
Poles tell about the Kutno Ghetto ?3p.Yid.
The decline of Jewish Kutno Eli8p.Heb.
On the beginning of Second World War ?1.5p.Yid.
Kutno in the days of war ?2p.Yid.
A terrible day ?1.25p.Yid.
Six Days in Leczyca camp ?1.5p.Yid.
The escape before death ?1.5p.Heb.
Five years of life in hell ?2.5p.Yid.
In Ghettos and in camps ?1.5p.Yid.
My experience in the camps ?1.5p.Yid.
In Konstancja, Gabin, Plock, Szczegow ?4p.Yid.
In Kutno Ghetto ?3.25p.Yid.
Two letters from Kutno ghetto ?2p.Yid.
Two songs from ghetto Konstancja ?0.5p.Yid.
The Shoah era in France ?6p.Yid.
The Chelmno death camp ?2p.Heb.
On the Battlefront and in Anti-Nazi Underground
Kutners in the Second World War Thia2.25p.Heb.
The last battle of the Kutno Jewish soldiers ?2p.Yid.
Bernard PONS helps capture a German Division ?1.5p.Yid.
The big wandering ?2.5p.Yid.
Monte Casino ?1.25p.Yid.
The revenge Thia1p.Heb.
The Ghetto Members Israel and Salo KANAL ?1.75p.Yid.
VI - After the liberation (0/4)
Kutno in 1945 ?3p.Yid.
Kutno without Jews ?1.5p.Yid.
In my Kutno, after the destruction ?10p.Yid.
In my hometown ?2p.Yid.
VII - Surrounding towns: Leczyca, Krosniewice, Dabrowice (0/14)
History of the city ?0.75p.Yid.
To the history of Leczyca ?5.5p.Yid.
Memories of the old life ?4.25p.Yid.
Our Shtetl Leczyca ?1.5p.Yid.
The sports-club "Ha'Koach" in Leczyca ?1.25p.Yid.
How the Jews of Leczyca perished ?1p.Yid.
The death of the Jews of Leczyca ?0.75p.Yid.
The ten Jews who were hanged ?1p.Yid.
Leczycers in France ?0.5p.Yid.
Leczycers in Australia ?1.25p.Yid.
My shtetl Krosniewice ?5.5p.Yid.
Childhood memories from Krosniewice ?1p.Yid.
Dabrowice near Kutno ?7.5p.Yid.
The bestial assassination of the Rabbi of Dabrowice zts"l ?1.25p.Yid.
VIII - Children of Kutno and around in Israel and in Diaspora (2/7)
Szalom ASZ near his compatriots in Israel ?2p.Yid.
Kutners in France Shulamit5.5p.Yid.
Kutners in Canada JK1p.Yid.
Kutners' greetings from Soviet Russia ?5p.Yid.
A letter from Moscow ?0.75p.Yid.